Church of San Cresci in Montefioralle - Chianti




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Church of San Cresci in Montefioralle - Chianti


Chiesa di San Cresci  Montefioralle

The Church of San Cresci in Montefioralle is situated on top of a hill which represents a watershed between Valdipesa and Val di Greve.
The small size of the church suggests that the building didn’t have a lot of importance, but further to the increasing veneration for Saint Cresci, priests of a certain importance began to manage the church. In the 17th century the church was restored and embellished with precious sacred ornaments.

Today, the church appears as a single nave building, with remarkable Romanic elements. The upper part of the façade was readjusted in the 19th century, while certainly worthy of note are the windows, supported by columns with simple capitals, and the bicromatic effect given by the red and white stones used for the construction of the building.

In the surrounding of the Church of San Cresci in Montefioralle:
Greve in Chianti