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Sant’Agnese Church - Castellina in Chianti


Situated on a hill covered with cypresses, which separates the two valleys, Valdelsa and Valdipesa, the Church of Sant’Agnese was included in the diocese of Siena during the Middle Age. In 1506 a small congregation of priests moved here, under the protection of the bishop of Siena. Afterwards, when the presence of the priests failed, the protectorate continued to maintain its privileges, as the liberty enjoyed by the bishop Raneri in 1140 proved. The bishop, in fact, aimed at making the church autonomous from Siena, and in this purpose lies the strategic importance of Sant’Agnese, which played a remarkable role in the fights between Florence and Siena, further confirmed with Castellina in Chianti joining the Chianti League.

In 1302-1303 the Church of Sant’Agnese could count on 13 minor churches in its parish, another confirmation of the strategic and geographical importance of the area. The church , which has maintained untouched until the modern age, was reconstructed after the damages occurred during the Second World War.
The church is made up of three naves, terminating with three apses, while the roof is made with beams. The church is illuminated by small lateral windows and the rose window on the façade. Inside, some architectural decorations can be admired.
The bell-tower, fat and square, looks as if it was part of the old fortification of the church.
The upper part was evidently reconstructed after an earthquake occurred in the 18th century, while in the basement stands a memorial plaque dating back to the 14th century.

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