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Climate and Weather in Chianti


Tempesta in arrivo in Chianti

The region of Chianti occupies a wide area, from the province of Florence to Siena.
The cultivated hills often leave space to mountain woods, even though the highest altitude never goes over 900 metres a.s.l.
Climate in summer is mild, and never sultry. In spring and autumn it is generally variable, with evident thermal excursions between night and day, and also between morning and evening (generally chilly) and midday, hot and pleasant.
Winters are rainy and sometimes windy, making the landscape wild and charming.
The best period to visit Chianti is undoubtedly during summertime, but spring and autumn are also good.
In spring tourist structures are less overcrowded, and the awakening of nature offers fascinating landscapes.
Autumn is vintage-time. In this season, the colours of fields and vineyards reach the top of their beauty, and the enthusiasm can be perceived in all locations of wine production. In almost every village events and manifestations dedicated to vintage and harvest-time are organised.
September represents a fundamental month for all wine producers. During the last weeks of ripening, temperature can compromise or sublime the final result.

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