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Monteriggioni - Chianti


Monteriggioni represents one of the southern borders of Chianti, but its peculiar characteristics make it an unmissable place.
Just like San Gimignano’s towers indicate the position of the village from the highway already, Monteriggioni’s walls represent a real beacon for every tourist approaching the village.

The town walls are part of the original fortification dating back to 1219, alternated with 14 square towers and four gates, coupled two by two, on the North and South side. Rather than a village, Monteriggioni looks more like a fortress, acting as a fortified outpost, strategically situated between Siena and Florence. The town plan is ovoid shaped to suit the morphology of the hill, with low houses and a single street connecting the two gates. The street then conveys into the main square, with the Church of Santa Maria Assunta facing it.

The Church in Monteriggioni

Monteriggioni, together with Badia a Isola, has been awarded with the Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club.
A curiosity: the motto "Monteriggioni di torri ti coroni" which is used in a medieval manifestation, is taken from the Divine Comedy “…però che, come in su la cerchia tonda / Monteriggioni di torri si corona” (Hell, canticle XXXI, vv. 40-41)

In the surroundings of Monteriggioni:
Badia dei SS. Salvatore, Cirino e Sebastiano (o Badia a Isola)