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Tavarnelle Val di Pesa - Chianti


Tavarnelle Val di Pesa

As the name says, Tavarnelle val di Pesa originally represented a stop point along the way from Florence to Rome.
The Latin origin is certified either from its place-name (tavarnelle = pub) and from a memorial plaque found near Pieve di San Pietro a Bossolo, which dates back to year 424 b.c.

Pieve di San Pietro in Bossolo

During the first Renaissance (1454) Tavarnelle is mentioned as the seat of a hotel, owned by Guido di Francesco del Riccio Baldi, called The Lion Pub. After being subject to the rule of the Buondelmonte and Alberto families, the village followed the destiny of Florence and Barberino. The primitive nucleon of Tavarnelle grew bigger and bigger, swallowing the villages of Mocale and Borghetto, which represent today two districts of the town. The Second World War damaged Tavarnelle in many parts, but today the village enjoys a new tourist expansion and a renewed vocation for hospitality.
Worthy of note is the Town Palace, situated in the civil square, and above all the Church of Santa Lucia al Borghetto. This parish is known since 1278, and represents a remarkable example of Gothic style applied to a Franciscan church.
The original fa├žade was destroyed, but the church inside is rich of precious works, among which are worthy of mention the beautiful 14th century wooden crucifix, supposedly made by the Master of the "Annunciazione dei Legnaioli"; a fresco of the "Madonna col bambino tra i due angeli", and the wooden panel representing the Annunciazione by Neri di Bicci.

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